Home care rostering software offered by Standex Care:

Standex Ltd is a British-based company known for its industrial and commercial equipment. The industrial and commercial business of Standex was bought in 2002 by Regal-Beloit Corporation, and the home care division was spun off as “Standex Care.” In 2005, Univar Inc., a chemical distribution company based out of the US, purchased Standex Care. Univar was later purchased by a private equity firm, TPG Capital, in 2012 and merged with Nexeo Solutions to form Axiall Corporation.

Standex is based out of Lancing, England, and currently has 184 branches across the UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Poland. Standex sells products for home care, industrial cleaning, food processing, commercial kitchens, and water-related industries.

Standex also owns the following brands: SharkXtreme®, Oasis®, Dritek®, System Cleaning Technologies Inc., Thunder Group®, Usil®, and Aqua Pure®.

Home care rostering software offered by Standex Care:

  1. Roster management and planning- Standex Care’s home care rostering software allows for full business processes, including billing and work orders.
  2. Rosters- Standex Care provides rosters that support multiple shifts with various start/end times at each day, week, or month.
  3. Time clock management- A time clock management option enables caregivers to clock in/ out via the time clock machine or directly from their device.
  4. Job costing- A job costing feature also enables an organization to track individual work orders per service provider, date and location or per client, date and service type or per caregiver, plan series, and dates. It also includes several reports that detail service hours, work orders, and invoices by location, date, or caregiver.
  5. Timesheets- This feature enables employees to submit their time through an electronic timesheet system or directly from their device. The submitted times are passed on to managers for review before being distributed to accounts payable, payroll systems, or stored in the cloud for later use.
  6. Attendance management- Standex Care’s home care rostering software allows for attendance management by including a GPS-enabled clock-in system. This feature tracks each caregiver’s location and can be used to provide additional verification of the time they have worked.
  7. Health and safety- Standex Care provides exceptional care for your employees through their health and safety management. This feature enables managers to monitor each caregiver’s health and well-being in real-time and track their locations.
  8. Reporting- Standex Care’s home care rostering software provides a unique reporting suite to assist with business monitoring and forecasting. This reporting includes:
  • Overdue tasks and visits
  • Business performance reporting by caregiver, service type, or location
  • Customer health and safety reports such as overdue task management
  1. Equipment leasing- Standex Care offers equipment leasing through their Care Lease program. This program caters to commercial homecare businesses using commercial versions of Oasis® commercial cleaning equipment, SharkXtreme® commercial extraction fans, and Usil® commercial dishwashing equipment.
  2. Workforce management- Standex Care’s home care rostering software allows for workforce management by offering a comprehensive solution to the labor market through their Workforce Management software. This feature enables managers to monitor an organization’s labor supply and demand, manage their agency workforce through powerful reporting features, and reward staff for excellent performance.

Standex Care’s home care rostering software is used by many organizations in the UK and Europe, such as Orchard Healthcare in Spain and Portugal; PACT (Practical Action Consulting Trust) in Ghana, Africa; Ashoka (charity) in Nepal; and St. Francis Healthcare (PHO) in New Zealand.

Things You should Know About Equivital

People with sleep apnea or other breathing disorders may benefit from a monitor that records their breathing rate. There are now several devices on the market for this task, but it is important to check all monitors against each other to ensure accuracy. This comparison study checked four models against each other and found good agreement between them.

The first monitor was the Equivital EQ02 LifeMonitor, which records breathing rate via a belt worn around the rib cage. The second monitor was the Resmed Quotient XF-60, which uses airflow to measure respiratory effort. A third device used chest straps to detect breathing movement and was known as the 3D printed elastic pebble-shaped sensor (3D printed EPS). This monitor was developed as a proof of concept for a method of obtaining breathing measurements during sleep. The final device used chest straps and electrodes on the rib cage to detect respiratory movement and was known as the 3D printed electrocardiogram sensor with adhesive electrode patches. This is similar to an electrocardiogram but is designed to detect breathing movements instead of heartbeats.

Features of Equivital EQ02 LifeMonitor:

It fits securely around the rib cage

Part of a system with a smartphone app to analyze data from multiple sensors

Features an alarm if breathing becomes too slow or fast Features of Resmed Quotient XF-60: Tracks respiratory effort

Monitors pulse rate through airflow around the nose at the same time as respiratory effort

Has a function to check the signals are being appropriately recorded Features of 3D printed elastic pebble-shaped sensor (3D printed EPS): Uses strain gauges to measure changes in chest circumference caused by breathing movements

Features an alarm if respiratory rate exceeds recommended safe limits

Can be used multiple times Features of 3D printed electrocardiogram sensor with adhesive electrode patches: Uses electrodes on the rib cage and chest straps to detect breathing movements

Tracks respiratory rate via an ECG.

Participants wore each device overnight in a randomized order for less than one week each, during which time they also kept a sleep diary. The devices were compared against the reference standard of the gold-standard polysomnography (PSG). The PSG records brain activity, eye movement, muscle activity, airflow, and oxygen levels during sleep.

After study entry, participants were asked to continue their normal sleeping habits until the end of the study. Participants kept a sleep diary during each night so researchers could assess whether devices recorded this disrupted data. The study found:

The PE+ and EQ02 LifeMonitor devices had a good agreement for the measurement of respiratory rate.

When using PSG as a reference standard, Resmed Quotient XF-60 detects significant obstructive sleep apnea with 95 percent accuracy.

3D printed EPS detected clinically significant obstructive sleep apnea with 94 percent accuracy.

The Resmed Quotient XF-60 was shown to be more accurate than the EQ02 LifeMonitor device, but that both devices were capable of detecting obstructive sleep apnea. The study found that 3D printed EPS is also a feasible alternative to traditional methods of measuring breathing rate during sleep. However, further studies will be needed to assess the device’s accuracy in capturing clinically significant obstructive sleep apnea.

All four devices were tested on a mannequin with schematic human anatomy. The mannequin was placed in six different sleeping positions, and for three-minute periods the four monitors were evaluated while the mannequin was at rest and when it breathed rapidly through a snorkel. The breathing rate was confirmed via a button that the mannequin wore on its hand, which could be pressed to indicate that it needed more air.

The results found good agreement between all four devices for most of the testing conditions. However, one unusual condition found poor agreement between the chest strap models and both monitors placed on the mannequin. This is because it requires too much movement to detect breathing with these devices unless the person remains in very specific positions while sleeping. Overall this study found that all four monitors can be used interchangeably for measuring breathing rate during sleep.

In Conclusion, the three chest strap monitors are interchangeable for determining breathing rate during sleep. The EPS monitor is not interchangeable because it requires too much movement to be useful in the majority of sleeping positions.

Ductless heat pumps

Are you determined to get another heat pump for your home? The old device cannot withstand the harsh influences of the seasons? Whatever the reason for the replacement, but choosing from several options should not be overlooked, as choosing the best machine can bring a lot of comfort and healthy benefits to your home. The key is to be more careful and patient when looking for the system either in the market or in online stores. So be careful when buying and invest wisely. For your better understanding, there are some tips from Heat Pump Repair Miami to help reinforce your decision to determine the best machine for your daily use.


Size is an important characteristic to consider as it would help you understand the device’s ability to circulate warm air throughout the home. An unsuitable model could produce undesirable effects and downright disrupt the indoor climate. Therefore, it is better to know the real size of the machine for your home before buying, otherwise incompatibilities will arise and you will end up wasting a lot of money, buy the system first, then pay the installation costs.

Types of heat pumps

These machines follow certain methods of air distribution throughout the house. You can find geothermal and air source units that are considered effective. Since geothermal systems can be very effective over a longer period of time and help save a lot of energy when heating, they are expensive compared to others. As a result, this type of device is a little more difficult to install and may not be suitable for most households. To find out what type of machine actually needs to be installed, contact your Miami heat pump repair expert or select an air source machine.


Before you decide to install a heat pump, you should check how the air is distributed in your house. The correct arrangement of the ducts should be checked in advance before installation, as ducts in different rooms are mainly used for air distribution. It is important to be a little careful with the channel design, as an inefficient design can lead to inefficient power consumption, causing the machine to work harder to get the results you want.

Ductless systems are a better option compared to other traditional heat pump systems. A ductless component directs the air in different directions, while a normal component pushes hot and cold air through the ducts. The construction of a ductless module is simple and consists of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that only require mounting options and access to electricity. Like any other useful engineering machine, these devices must be used in the right conditions to get the maximum benefit, but unfortunately, these ductless heat pumps are being misled by consumers due to some common myths. So that you know the facts behind these myths, Sunrise heat pump repair comes into focus by mentioning the clarification in this article.

Use is expensive

This is completely wrong, because the profitable use of these devices depends on several factors, such as: Even intensive studies and surveys show that a lot of energy costs can be saved every year by using these devices.

All You Need to Know about Smoke Detection Devices

A smoke detection device can prevent fire accidents and save both emotional and financial loss. A smoke detector is an electric device that can detect any smoke and warn users about an accident. Many buildings install smoke detection devices to prevent something unpredictable. The benefit of these devices is that they will operate automatically. Whenever there is any smoke, the audible alarm will warn the people.

Different types of smoke detectors are available in the current condition. These devices are battery-powered. Also, they can come as single units or interlinked hardwires. In this article, we will cover different types of smoke detection devices and the benefits of each.


When it comes to types, two basic options of smoke detectors are available. These are ionization and photoelectric types. Also, you can find the one that combines both. It is called a dual-sensor smoke alarm. You can consider this smoke detector for slow moldering or fast farming fires. Combined carbon monoxide and smoke and combined heat alarms and optimal smoke options are also available. All types of smoke detectors will work in a specific way. Let’s know how to smoke detection devices work and trigger an alarm.


Once it senses any smoke, it scatters light and triggers the alarm. It responds to any smoke fifteen to fifty minutes faster at the smoldering stage and triggers the alarm before the smoke converts into the fire. You can find dual optical models. People install it near their kitchens.

  • Ionization Smoke Detector

The benefit of this smoke detection device is that it can sense small particles. Also, it responds around thirty to ninety seconds faster compared to photoelectric smoke detectors. However, it will respond quickly to fast farming fires, not to smoldering fires.


In addition to the above two, another popular type of smoke detector is aspirating detectors. These are highly sensitive, advanced, and technically developed smoke detectors. They offer an early warning and the best protection from fire. Also, aspirating systems are considered the best for challenging conditions such as computer rooms and communications.


It is an early detection system that comes with laser-based advanced technologies. You can install this smoke detector to get a pre-fire warning. It can be perfect for high-sensitivity areas such as cold rooms and computer rooms.


You can consider heat alarms to detect any fire caused by increased temperature. They will detect the heat, not the smoke. You can install it in a garage, kitchen, or even in a dusty room.


The auto-aligning detection device is the most advanced detector. Also, it is the latest type of smoke detector. It can self-align within a minute. This smoke detector is used in large public places such as theatres, sports centers, or shopping malls.


You need professionals to install all the above smoke detection devices. However, domestic detectors do not require wiring. But, you will have to follow the maintenance requirements to boost the efficiency and durability of a smoke detector. All these smoke detectors are designed to last up to one decade.

Weather stations

There are times when timely and accurate weather information can be vital to your health and property. Flooding is dangerous at all times, but when unexpected, the consequences can be deadly and costly. One way to take as many precautions as possible is to have a radio that shows the weather with an alarm clock.

Every house should have a weather radio. These devices are so important in bad weather. They are constantly tuned to the emergency weather frequency and provide the latest information at all times. They have backup batteries to keep you informed in an emergency. In the event of a power failure for any reason, the weather radio continues to provide life-saving information.

Installing an alarm clock in your weather radio can also be beneficial for your safety. Of course, a backup battery is important if your normal clocks stop working when the power goes out. But another use of the alarm clock is to regularly wake up during a night storm to watch the weather. Sometimes it can be important to wake up every two hours to see if the water level is rising or to make an informed decision about evacuating.

It may also be necessary to ensure that medication is taken in good time and that the electrical alarm sounds in the event of a power failure. A weather radio with a built-in alarm clock can save your belongings, belongings and even your life.


The thermometer is known as the product that is used to measure the temperature inside the object, object, or the atmosphere. They measure temperature on a scale called Fahrenheit or Celsius. Among the various thermometers available on the market, the meteorological thermometer is the one that will help you measure the existing temperature in the area.

It could be something like measuring the indoor and outdoor temperature of the house, the temperature of the floor, etc. Even if people plan to inhabit the attractive temperature and climate; That is why we need a story for a sustainable living environment.

We can take full advantage of the weather thermometer to determine the respective temperature at the time of undesired environmental conditions. This could help you to correctly measure the exact surface temperature inside and outside the house.

However, you cannot make adjustments to the outside conditions, but you can control the internal temperature of the house based on the readings. So you can enjoy your desired temperature at home in the apartment at any time.

You can also use it to determine the specific temperature in the soil with a probe. It can help you find the right time frame for planting seeds. Since the soil is much more protected compared to the air, it takes a long time to warm up, so it is necessary to find the correct soil temperature shortly before sowing.

It can also be used to measure the exact amount of heat inside the building or structure with the metal roof that you plan to paint with reflective roof paint. Reflective roof paint, when used on metal roofs, actually helps dissipate 85% of the heat reaching the roof.

Top Reasons to Choose Glass Doors Interior

If you want to go for a home makeover, you should opt for interior glass doors. These products boast architectural features for the new buildings and renovations. They are available in different kinds, ranging from pivoting, stacking, sliding, hinged, to name a few.

There are a bunch of reasons, owing to which people opt for all GLASS DOORS INTERIOR, instead of regular doors. These doors are well known across the globe for the practical and visual benefits. In this article, you can understand the reasons to choose glass doors:


The glass doors are considered to be the prerequisite balance of timelessness and aesthetics. They play an integral role in creating an ever-lasting impression. These products stand out of the ordinary in offering timeless appeal to your home.

Glass is believed to be the most practical material through which you can work with the buildings. They play an integral role in breathing newer life into the prerequisite interior space. They come with delicate and subtle options, which are not going to degrade with the due course of time.


The glass doors are beneficial in adding elegance to the decoration of the house. It is recognized to be the good match along with different kinds of interior decoration. It is effective in serving, thereby enriching the house aesthetics.

The glass doors interiors are considered a combination of sleek and simple beauty and practical functionality, thereby forming outstanding architectural style. It boasts the practical design, which enhances the room’s charm.


The cleaning process contributes to being one of the primary factors, which are beneficial in maintaining the beauty of the doors. It is effective in enhancing the beauty of the house. Also, these glass doors are believed to be the best choice for home renovation as they can be cleaned easily.

You will be capable of cleaning them with the aid of natural cleaners. It is recommended to avoid the application of chemicals on the glasses, as they leave unwanted stains and spots upon the glasses. It might end up damaging the door’s attractiveness.


The glass doors have gained high prominence for their durability and strength. They are known for the impact resistance. They are known to be tougher, and hence they are a suitable choice for interior usage. These glass doors offer the sturdier barrier, which are known to be long-lasting and hard-wearing.


The glass doors stand out of the ordinary in offering enhanced visibility. It ensures that the light travels easily across the room. The glass doors are useful in enhancing the visibility of the specific area. In addition, it helps in the creation of the barrier between different rooms.

Different kinds of glass doors are available, which add to the beauty of the interior part of the house. They include:

  • French Doors
  • Hinged single door
  • Pivot Doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Stacking doors

You can add to the beauty of your home as you opt for the glass doors interior. These doors are considered to be an indispensable part of home decor. These doors boast high durability. You do not need to encounter any challenges to maintain these doors. They offer the ultimate style statement to your home.

Reasons to install cctv camera system at your business premises.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your business and the best way of making your property safe is with the installation of CCTV camera system. It is an excellent way of making sure that no one will try to cause to any damages to your business premises so that you will get complete peace of mind. But for this you will need to install the cameras at the most important location of your premises so that it will capture the entire property effectively. The installation of the CCTV camera is the best way of increasing the safety and security of your business premises dramatically. Your workers and employees will feel protected when they are working at the property so that you will enjoy the desired quality of results. Whether it for recording videos or deterring the entry of criminals in your property, these cameras function to protect your property as well as its belongings.

There are many reasons why you will need to install CCTV camera system at your property and the most important reason is that it acts as serious deterrent so that no one will carry out any illegal activities in your property. It also helps in monitoring the activities of criminals so that no one will try to damage your business premise while you will be able to focus on the important aspects of your business. These cameras functions for providing higher safety and security at your property that will eventually lower the insurance premium of your business property. Hence, you will have to spend less money on the insurance premium when you take the right steps for protecting your property from all kind of risks and dangers. Since, the crime rates at the business premises are extremely high, you will need to take proactive measures that are needed for keeping the safety of your property intact. You will also be able to view and monitor the activities seen on the camera on your Smartphone and tablets from any part of the world. You will no longer have to worry about anyone entering into your property unauthorized because you will keep a record of all the visitors.

CCTV camera system is the best way of deterring vandalism at your property because the criminals are aware of the presence of camera and hence they will not commit a crime fearing they might be captured. Therefore, you will need to select the best brand, model and make of the camera so that your business will derive maximum benefits from the use of the camera for securing your business premise. Moreover, no one will try to shot lift anything from your store when the CCTV cameras are visible so that you will not face business losses. Your employees will also not carry any kind of illegal activities at your property when you are not present so that you will get complete peace of mind that you will get a safe and secure business premises for a long period of time.

Breathing monitor rates

If you are a sports and fitness enthusiast, some simple but effective breathing exercises can help you improve your performance. These breathing exercises can help you focus on any physical activity.

Competitive sport at all levels harbors an element of stress for the competitor. The most common type of stress for competitors is hyperventilation before the start of the event. However, doing some breathing exercises can avoid all this stress so that the participant can stay calm and focused.

Stay calm to gain stamina

Doing a few simple breathing exercises before each competition will help you enormously. These exercises will inject more oxygenated blood into the body and muscles. However, this must be regulated as too much oxygen in the system leads to hyperventilation. As a competitive athlete, it is important to use breathing techniques as part of your training. This helps build stamina. Doing some deep breathing exercises will increase your metabolic efficiency so your body can burn more calories during fast-paced exercises like aerobics, running, and cycling. Using these breathing techniques helps the body regulate and control breathing and also helps prevent nausea and dizziness. These techniques are especially recommended for runners, as they experience pulse spikes, excessive breathing, and little resistance at the beginning of each race. Why did that happen? It happens because adrenaline takes over and tells the body to be ready for a stressful state. Although adrenaline can sometimes be helpful, it needs to be controlled and this can be accomplished with a little breathing exercise.

Types of breathing exercises

In any type of aerobic exercise, a person must reduce the intensity or slow down the pace until he can breathe and maintain control. In other words, the intensity should be high enough to require fast, heavy breathing and an increase in heart rate, but not so high that it gets out of control. Inhaling through your nose for a count of three and then exhaling through your mouth for a count of two is one of the most effective breathing exercises. If the athlete is a runner, improve running performance by matching these counts to his natural steps. However, when participating in any other type of sports training, it is imperative that you have perfect control and measurement of your breathing.


Exercise is often recommended for general well-being in the form of physical activity. Unsurprisingly, experts find a strong link between high blood pressure and a sedentary lifestyle. The need for physical activity increases with the increased risk of high blood pressure. Small changes to your daily routine that don’t involve going to the gym and exercising for 2 hours a day can make a big difference to your blood pressure.

Start slowly and incorporate exercise into your regular activities. Regular exercise can strengthen your heart. This allows your strong heart to pump more blood with ease. This will decrease the force on the arteries and eventually help lower blood pressure.

Regular exercise also helps maintain a moderate weight. One to three months of regular exercise can affect your blood pressure. But for the results to last, it is important to keep training.

Another tip for monitoring your blood pressure is to have a blood pressure monitor handy. You can buy this blood pressure monitor online by visiting our website now! The digital monitor is very accurate and reliable. You can check your blood pressure at home without visiting a clinic from time to time. Check the instant results of your training with a digital monitor.

Tips of improving fire alarm system

Fire alarm systems had not been invented before, and people put out the fire after it explodes like a fire extinguisher with water.

Discovery of new fire extinguishing agents

Subsequently, new extinguishing agents such as FM200 and CO2 were discovered that turned out to be more effective than water in certain applications. These fire extinguishers should be used in place of water in certain applications. For example, if the electrical cables are on fire, then you should not use water to extinguish them, but use a non-conductive agent such as carbon dioxide CO2 at a certain pressure to set the area on fire. The use of these special extinguishing agents in addition to water must be accompanied by the safety precautions established to protect people from exposure to these agents, which can cause a risk of suffocation.

Conventional fire alarm system

Regardless of the extinguishing agent used in the fire suppression system, a well-designed automatic alarm system must provide the correct logic to maintain safety. The first fire alarm system invented is the conventional one. In this type of fire protection system, automatic fire detectors are placed in the areas where they are implanted, in the areas that need to be covered and protected from burns. These detectors work when your criteria are met.

For example, the smoke detector activates an alarm if smoke enters the smoke detector chamber and obstructs light rays from inside. In addition, the heat detector triggers an alarm when it detects that the heat has reached a threshold value. There are many types of automatic detectors on the market (smoke, heat, flame, carbon monoxide, beam detection, and more).

Addressable Fire Alarm System

In the conventional type of alarm system, the area to be protected against burns is divided into zones. Each zone contains several detectors. Regardless of the number of detectors, all detectors should be viewed as one detector for the main control panel. The control panel sees the entire area as a detector. This means that each detector detects a fire and triggers an alarm signal. In the event of a fire, the entire zone is displayed (no point addressing).

On the other hand, in the addressable type of detection system, the main control panel can individually address each point or detector in the electrical circuit. The addressable system is considered more advanced and developed than the conventional one and, of course, it is more expensive. However, it gives firefighters a huge advantage, as they can reach their destination accurately and definitively, saving them money if they catch fire at an early stage.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Applying the same concept of addressable system, but in this case it is wireless signals. The wireless system uses radio frequency technology and uses electromagnetic waves to transmit alarm signals. All points in the system are electrically independent. However, all data lines are wirelessly connected to the main alarm center.

The wireless alarm system comes in handy when installed in places where it is difficult to lay cables and carry out work like museums. However, their efficiency will be poor if they are installed in areas with a lot of steel structure, which will attenuate and damage the alarm signal.

After all, everyone should know the basics of fire alarm systems, as it is important today to protect your wealth and family.

Surrey’s loft conversion project is topnotch

Home conversion is a dream for many customers across the globe. They would think of using the unutilized areas of the home. Hence, they require a loft conversion specialist in the city who can fulfill their dreams to the core. Such world-class loft conversion professionals are available in the company namely the surrey loft conversion company. It is the leading number one in the city for many years. The loft conversion specialists make your dream come true by their quality service. The years of experience of the company give you tremendous comfort after work. Surrey’s loft company is serving the public across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and South London areas.

Customer satisfaction is the objective

Surrey’s loft is a family-run firm that delivers meticulous service to customers. If you require the service of the company, visit the office for discussing your requirement with the officials. The officials in the company discuss with you on a free basis. They would send the team to your house for the inspection process. Once the inspection is over, they start the work after your concurrence. Everything is explained to you earlier and also the cost incurred. No hidden costs and policies with the company and all the tasks are transparent.

Why Surrey’s loft firm is leading in the city?

The reasons below make the company top-notch and leading in the city.

  • Surrey’s loft does not disrupt the customers during the work because they plan well in advance. The professionals make things in a proper way so that the customers may face only minimum disruption.
  • The company’s latest technology and updated equipment give massive results to the customers. The customers can feel comfortable and happy due to the quality work of the customers.
  • The past customers of the company have given positive reviews and feedback about the company.
  • Surrey’s loft is allotting different managers at the work spot so that the customer can communicate easily with them. The customer can clear their queries easily through the managers to the head office.
  • Moreover, the firm offers a ten-year structural guarantee service to the customers.
  • Communication and trustworthiness of the firm attracts a majority of the customer to the office
  • An excellent advantage of the firm is that they finish the project on time. Also, the work is finished within the budget of the customer. No extension of the deadline is practiced by the company.
  • Surrey’s loft conversion specialists employ only quality and one-of-a-kind architects in the work spot. So, the customer gets tremendous results in his house.
  • The firm gets approval for the building from the council if required on behalf of the customer.
  • Helps you to get a party wall agreement to avoid future conflicts with your neighbor.

Contacting the office

Do you require the work of surrey’s loft company? If yes, you can contact the officials for obtaining a free no-obligation quote. You can reach them over the phone, or email, or in person. A free consultation is also offered to the customer for the project.