CBT or Hypnotherapy?

If I start listing down the problems people have all over the world, I will not come to end of the list. Everybody experiences a challenge in life. It might be self implicated or a natural occurrence that we have no control over. We tend to solve these problems in our way but at times, our efforts become futile. This can lead to stress, depression, social and anxiety. During this time, we can engage in unhealthy behaviors like drug use which has negative effects in our lives. It is at this point in time where we require help to get our lives back in shape and bounce back flourishing in joy and happiness.

When encountered with problems, we tend to harbor negative thoughts. This is why we need someone to help us in positive thinking; after all we are what we think. Therapy, which involves talking to licensed professional,; aids in enhancing positive thinking by dealing with problems and searching for ways to move on.

Hypnotherapy involves deep concentration and focused attention in your mind, whereby you are open to beneficial suggestions and can make use of your imagination to impact positive changes in your life. It is like going into a trance. They are normally short sessions with therapists aimed at resolving your problem as quickly as possible.

CBT on the other hand involves talking sessions with therapist aimed at managing your problems by changing the way you think and behave. Kate Patterson is an expert at this. The problem each person has is different from the other. Healing takes place differently, to some it might be fast while to others it might time.

Achieving the life you want needs you to work positively on your psychology. Kate Patterson offers a thrive program which will help in you in analyzing the cause of your problem and gives you positive tools and resources to enable you bounce back.

The Thrive workbook which you must read will give you more information. The sessions help you to discuss challenging questions you might have encountered in the course of reading the book. You must be put in enough effort to get the best out of the program. Tasks given should be done as changing and learning is an on- going process which continues after the end of each session. It is important to make thrive program a priority as it guarantees you a chance to overcome all struggles and a promise of a joyful life.

In my opinion, CBT is better suited to help in dealing with problems as opposed to hypnotherapy.