Charter Bus Rates

One of the things that you have to do when hiring a charter bus is compare rates from different companies. You will see right away that no two companies are the same. Of course the company that you choose will be dictated by your budget but you should be careful about chartering a bus just because it is cheap – when it comes to bus charter, like car hire, you get what you pay for.
The best way to find out what the current market rates are is to compare several companies. Draw up a list and then call or write to each and ask them how much they charge to go to and from your destination and what is included in their package. You may find that a charter company comes in at a lower rate, but all you get is a bus and a driver. Another one may charge more, but you get a bus that is in excellent condition as well as catering and a couple of people to come along with you and make sure that everyone is comfortable and safe during the trip.
Hiring cheap buses can come with another pitfall – many of the cheap ones are old and so do not come equipped with the latest safety features. You should never hire this kind of vehicle especially if you are transporting children or the elderly. It is better to pay more and ensure that everyone is safe during your trip.
If you plan the hire the bus several times a year you can get even better rates. The best bus charter companies in Cambridge have discounts for repeat customers. Negotiate the best rate that you can – when the company quotes you a rate they expect that you will negotiate it downwards anyway.
Greys of Ely is one of the most reliable charter bus companies in Cambridge. You can see their buses and also get a quote on their website,