Glass Enclosures

Are glass enclosures for your bathroom a good idea? Glass shower panels are becoming a popular choice for home remodels and for your upcoming one you may be wondering whether you should stick to traditional bathroom design or use glass enclosures. Glass shower doors have certain advantages you will not find with tiles and other materials that are used in bathrooms. For one, they allow more light even in the smallest bathrooms making them look less cramped. They also reflect off available light which gives the impression that small bathrooms are bigger than they actually are.
Another benefit of glass enclosures is that they are easy to maintain. When you use tiles there is one thing you have to be prepared for – every few weeks you have to scrub every tile clean and you have to clean the grout if you want a sanitary bathroom. A glass enclosure is much easier to deal with. There are no deep grouts to deal with and to clean the enclosure all you need is a wet, soapy cloth and another to buff.
One of your concerns may be that glass enclosures do not last long – they are, after all, made of glass. Not quite; these enclosures are made out of a special kind of glass which is prefabricated to ensure that it doesn’t break easily. Your glass shower will last a long time and all you have to do is clean it – no special maintenance needed. In case of breakage, which can only happen after a serious impact, the glass breaks into small pebbles that lack sharp edges minimizing the risk of injury.
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