Local Opticians

Choosing local opticians may sound easy – find a shop that sells lenses and frames, hand them your prescription, choose a frame and get your glasses. Unfortunately it is not always as straightforward especially for people who live in places like Peterborough where there are many opticians. Your optician is one of your healthcare providers and therefore should be chosen with care. You need to think carefully about what you need from them and which one provides services that are suit your needs. Before you choose a local optician think about the following:
• Are they able to diagnose eye problems or are they only good for filling prescriptions? Typically an optician is supposed to fill out a prescription that is filled out by an optometrist but many are now also trained in optometry and can diagnose eye problems. If your optician is only able to dispense glasses and contact lenses you should first see an optometrist to get a full diagnosis.
• You should be careful about opticians who are looking to sell you anything more than what is stated in your prescription. They should present you with all the different options that are available to you but should not impress upon you to invest in any of them unless recommended by your eye doctor.
• A good optician will do more than just issue you with eye glasses – they will also give you an appointment when they can monitor your eyesight to make sure that your prescription still works. Make sure you keep your appointments for optimal eye health.
• Think about cost – some opticians are unnecessarily expensive and you can get exactly what they sell at lower prices right in Peterborough.
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