Take a look at this AP Calc BC Quick Review!

The College Boards Advanced Placement Program is designed to give opportunities to those who want to get a jump start on college coursework and pursue studies usually available at the college or university level. The advanced placement programs are designed to ensure that adequate levels of knowledge and understanding have been achieved at a college level. College credit is awarded. It is important for the student to apply themselves and use the best resources to ensure that they have achieve a successful understanding of the courses.

What is the BC Calculus Equivalent to on the College Level?

BC calculus will hold equivalency of your first and second semester in college in most cases. The coursework is designed and outlined for you to be able understand the necessary calculus topics and perform applicable functions and methods equivalent to these two semesters. The course is divided into manageable sections designed to teach you calculus in a methodic and comprehensive way.

How to do I Prepare for the BC Calculus Exam?

You needed to ensure that have access to the coursework provided by the instructor. You should also use the recommended online resources provided to you in the course. Take the time and make the effort to completely cover the necessary course materials. Do you own research to further investigate and understand the subjects and topics of the coursework.

You will also need to have access to a graphing calculator. The graphing calculator will be able to perform the needed functions during the course as well as your exam. Making sure that you understand how to use this calculator. Do your research and practice applications with the calculator to become familiar with them. Insure that you have a solid understanding of the coursework topics before taking quizzes or exams.

What are Tips for Success with BC Calculus?

Don’t be afriad to ask questions. Work with the course providers to ensure that you can completely understand the topics that are covered in the course. Be proactive and insure that you have access and availability to have your question answered by the course professional. Make sure that you know the best method to reach the instructor outside class if you need to ask a question. Work with your peirs to make sure that you have a solid comprehension of the more challenging course work. Check your understanding and methods to insure that you are able to complete the work accurately.

AP Calc Quick Review of the Exam.

The exam itself usually will be for 3 hours and 45 minutes. There is usually a 45 mutiple choice section and a 6 question portion called the free reponse section. A graphing calculator is usually allowed for the last 15 questions of the mutliple choice section. The overall exam is weighted to consider implementing the mathematical process. If you have made the effort to insure your comprehension of the coursework, you should see some possitive results when you take the exam.