4 Flaws To Watch Out For When Buying Musician Chairs


Every good musician knows the importance of having the best possible equipment. You want to give yourself every edge possible. At the same time, you do not want to let something out of your control spoil your performance. With good equipment, this is something that you do not have to worry as much about. While having good equipment is essential for every component involved in the process, the most important components still have to be factored in with the most weight. One of the most important pieces that you have to be sure that you get something of good quality for is what you are going to be resting on while you are performing. Having a good musicians chair is vital to the process. For this reason, you must put a lot of time and experience into choosing one. To choose the right one you need to know what specs to judge a product by. One way to get a jump start on this decision-making process is to first learn the flaws that you are supposed to look out for. By spotting these flaws you can make an incredibly good educated decision on something that is worth buying. Below is a list of 4 flaws to watch out for to make sure that you do not get burned and to make sure that your equipment does not interfere with your musical performance.

Musician Chair Flaws To Watch Out For

  • Poor Base Material
  • No Adjustable Features
  • Low-Quality Cushioning
  • Lack of A Compact Design
  • No Transportation Case

Flaw #1 – Poor Base Material

The first thing to look for is what music sheet stand is made out of. Materials like wood do last, but they do not last as long as metals. However, you do not want to just look for something that is made out of any type of metal. You want a chair that is made of a type of metal that is not too heavy. Light metals such as aluminum and copper make for strong chairs that do not weigh a ton.

Flaw #2 – No Adjustable Features

There is no way to get the maximum performance out of a chair and customize it to your needs if it has no adjustability. A high adjustability will help you find the most comfortable position no matter what types of aches and pains you are having.

Flaw #3 – Low-Quality Cushioning

Cushioning is hugely important because resting on something that is too hard will cause a lot of pain. The chair should have at least one inch of cushioning.

Flaw #4 – Lack of A Compact Design

You are going to be taking your chair on the road quite a bit. That means that you are going to want something that can fold up and be compact. The more compact the chair is the easier it is to haul and the less space the chair will take up in your car.