How To Apply And Get Into The Top Prep Schools In The UK


If you are looking to take your education up a notch then you need to look into prep schools. Many people have no idea what a prep school even is. This is because people have become too reliant on the public school system. Being reliant on the public school system is a problem because public schools do not cater to smart and talented children. They are designed to go at the pace of the slowest child. If you have a gifted child, you want the to be in the best possible environment so that they can thrive. At prep schools, this is exactly what you get as they are designed for students with huge potential. However, most people are unaware as to how to start this process and get admitted. Below is a step-by-step process on how to get into the best prep schools in UK.

How To Get Into Top UK Prep Schools

  1. Score High On Entrance Exams
  2. Get Letters Of Recommendation
  3. Add Extracurricular Activities
  4. Excel In The Interview

Step 1 – Score High On Entrance Exams

The first step is to score high on entrance exams. Each school has a different set of entrance exams so find out which ones your school wants and study hard for them.

Step 2 – Get Letters Of Recommendation

Good letters of recommendation are crucial. Ask your most respected teachers to write you a glowing letter.

Step 3 – Add Extracurricular Activities

If you want to stand out then you need to have some extracurricular activities. This can be anything from being a member of the basketball team to playing on the chess squad.

Step 4 – Excel In The Interview

The interview will be the thing that seals your fate. It is recommended to be yourself and allow the interviewer to see the best of you.