Best Fabric Waterproofing Spray for Your Athletic Shoes

Whether you are a soccer player or a sprint runner, you know the importance of your athletic shoes being comfortable. One way to ensure that your footwear remain in prime shape is to protect them from moisture. A modern way of doing it is by using the best fabric waterproofing spray on the market.

It is impossible to control outdoor weather conditions. A sunny day of soccer can easily turn to a storm that drenches all the players in the field. Not only does the field get slippery but your athletic shoes become drenched and unbearable to play with.

A simple solution to keeping them dry is by applying a fabric waterproofing spray on them. This fabric spray contains a liquid polymer known as durable water repellant or DWR. When the spray dries up, the liquid polymer hardens forming a thin layer on your sports shoes. This protects the shoe from dampening by bouncing off droplets of water.

How to buy fabric waterproofing spray

With that known, it then begs the question, how do you buy the best fabric waterproofing spray? Making a first purchase is not easy with the avalanche of products on the market. However, there are those guidelines you can use to lead you to the right product.

A good fabric waterproof spray should come in a compact portable bottle. This would be enough to serve a small surface area like the fabric on your shoes. Secondly, the fabric waterproofing sprayer should be easy to use by having a spraying nozzle attached to the minute bottle containing the DWR solvent.

Additionally, the best fabric waterproofing spray does more than just keep moisture away. It also guards the shoes against grass stains, mud stains, and soil marks.


You have everything to gain by investing in the best fabric waterproofing spray. It comes in convenient portable containers, is easy to use, and does not leave behind any strong odor.