Private Boarding Schools

You have found the right UK private boarding school for your child, but how do you prepare them for it? Taking your child to boarding school for the first time can be tough for both of you – your child will miss their home and you will worry about whether they are doing okay. There are, however, some things you can do to make things easier. The most important is to talk about their upcoming experience. Involve them in choosing the school so that there are no surprises when they get there. Talk about how they feel about it – if they are nervous let them know that it is okay, and the feeling will go away once they settle in.

Make sure that you are organized well ahead of time – rushing things at the last minute can make your child feel disoriented. You should buy everything that is required ahead of time and pack properly. Don’t have too many pieces of luggage as it may complicate things for your child. You should include a few photos and mementos so that your child can feel more comfortable.

Encourage your child to become independent. Have them write a list of everything that they will take to school, and let them label all items. Let your child know that they will be responsible for their property. Discuss how they will get their laundry done.

Lastly, make sure that there is a plan to contact you. The first few weeks may be tough – it is normal to feel homesick – and your child may need to call you a few times a week.

One school that will take excellent care of your child is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. They also have a wide curriculum that is taught by highly experienced teachers. You can see how to enrol your child on their website,