Cambridge to Stansted

You have just arrived in Cambridge and wish to travel to Stansted; you have 2 options – you could either go by taxi or you can rent a car. Which one should you take? There are benefits to renting a vehicle, but hiring a taxi makes more sense for several reasons. The first is that you save lots of money. While it will cost you just over £40 to travel by taxi, hiring a car will cost you a lot more because there are a lot of hidden costs including different types of insurance. In addition to that should you hire a car and get into an accident the car hire company will hold you financially liable.

Another benefit of hiring a taxi is that you don’t have to worry about driving yourself. If you are from a different country you have to get certified to drive on UK roads and this is time consuming and comes with expenses. If, however, you choose a taxi it comes with a chauffeur who is already licensed to drive. You also don’t have to worry about directions and getting lost – your driver is familiar with the area and will get you to your destination without incident.

It is always best to book a taxi in advance – it ensures that you get it right on time. Make sure that you book from a company that offers 24 hour service especially if you will be travelling at night. It should be trustworthy and have competent and informed drivers.

One such company is Style Taxis. They have a great fleet of taxis that are operated by smart and polite drivers. Each of their vehicles is carefully maintained and they are known for their punctuality. Their cabs are all metered so you will know exactly how much you are paying.