Music Stand Lights for Concerts

RAT Stands is an industry leader in music stands and accessories. Since 1976, we have provided the entertainment sector with high-end musical stands, conductor stands, and all stage and lighting enhancements. Our products are made with the finest and most durable materials to ensure maximum performance and delivery. From music chairs and sheet music stands to lighting for stage and live shows, RAT Stands does it all. Our extensive product showcase features innovative and cutting-edge stands for all performances. This include operas, rock concerts, Broadway shoes, and even school plays and charity events. You simply need to browse our vast selection of stands and lights to find the right times for your needs.

Music Stand Lights

Music stand lights offer true ambience to all live performances. Whether for conductors or musical arrangers, these units are designed to illuminate your sheet music or work areas. From Orchestra Light to Sheet Music Stands, these units feature bright and vibrant LED lights for effective illumination across the stage. They are also equipped with adjustable features so you can position and rotate as desired. The clamp based can even be securely attached to thick and thin surfaces.

Our signature music stand lights can produce up to 18 hours of illumination. All units require AA batteries, however, are equipped with AC adapters as well. This allows you to enjoy both the wired and wireless benefits of our units – which are also extremely lightweight and mobile in design. Music stand lights truly offer a touch of class to any live performance, opera or musical ensemble/recital. You can also purchase multiple units to create your own stunning light displays and visuals for contemporary performances. If you are tired of standard or above stage lighting that is not sufficient, these products will truly meet all your needs within time and budget.