Can I start My A Level in Jan?

The short answer is yes – you can start your A Level in the UK in January. In fact it is an excellent idea because it gives you time to take a break during which you can travel, get a job or serve as an apprentice. By the time you start your A Level you will have cleared your mind and will be ready to learn. A Level courses can be challenging – many people have had to sit them twice because they fail the first time. Although you may be a bright and committed young person it doesn’t guarantee that you will pass the first time around. To increase your chances it is best to choose your school carefully.

The most important thing is how well a school has performed in the past. You should be looking at schools that have a good track record when it comes to sending students on to institutions of higher learning. There are websites and publications that contain this information. You should also check the kind of faculty that they school has invested in. They should be excellent teachers who are supportive and who are prepared to help students make the best of their strengths and talents.

You have the option to go to a boarding school or a day school, but boarding schools, although more expensive, are an excellent idea. You will not have to commute back and forth between school and home so you will have more time to study. There are also fewer distractions which will help you stay focussed.

One of the best schools where you can take your A Level is Cambridge College for Sixth Form Studies. They have a wide curriculum and excellent teachers to help students achieve their goals. They also have a high success rate.