Carpenters near Me

It is finally time to start building your dream Cambridge home and one of the professionals you have to hire is a carpenter Cambridge. Who do you go with when there are so many? It can be hard to know how good a carpenter is – although they all market themselves as being the best you know that this cannot possibly be true. That is why you have to hire carefully – carpentry is expensive work and you don’t want your project to go wrong. There are several things you should know about carpenters but before we get to that let as talk about the difference between carpenters and joiners.
Many people assume that they are one and the same thing but they are not. A joiner specializes in connecting wood joints so you will hire them to do things like doors, window frames, stairs and so on. They usually work in their workshops whereas carpenters do all the woodwork that is required on site.
So, how do you know that you are dealing with a good carpenter? The first thing that they will do when you approach them is discuss your project with you so that they can understand exactly what you want. Once they get the idea they will then show you evidence of the quality of their work. They may take you to a site that they have worked on or they may show you photographs of their work. In addition to that they will give you several references that you can talk to.
A good carpenter is all about planning. It is important to plan because that is the only way that they will achieve their goals in a timely fashion. They will come back to you with a plan on how they will proceed if you hire them. They will also give you a detailed quote so that you can know how much everything will cost you.
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