Hard Surface Weed Control

All homeowners are familiar with weeds growing in their garden or lawn and they know how to deal with them – pull or dig them out and make sure that they are disposed of in the right way so that they don’t grow again. But what if you notice weeds on a hard surface such as your car park? You can hardly dig up the space where you park your car – if you do the ground will become soft and your car may get stuck. Weeds on hard surfaces have to be dealt with in a different way – you have to find the right weed killer to get rid of them.
Weed killers are a dime a dozen in the UK. However, it is never a good idea to buy the first one that you come across. For one thing, different types of weds require different kinds of weed killer. Also, the severity of the problem will dictate the kind of weed killer that you choose – you may choose a certain brand only for the problem to become worse. If there are plants near or around the hard surface that you want to treat you also need to be careful not to use weed killer that can harm them.
The best course of action is to identify the kinds of weeds that you are dealing with so that you can research the best weed killers to use. Keep in mind that sometimes you can have different types of weeds growing in the same place, sop the treatment may be a little more complex that you may have expected.
Alternatively you can call in a professional ground care company. They are best equipped to deal with weeds on hard surfaces as they have the knowledge and the right chemicals. One of the best is ProGround Care. Find out how they can help you on their website, https://progroundcare.com/.