Streptavidin apc

Europa Bioproducts is a global leader in reagents for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic research. With years of extensive industry experience, they offer a full range of services and specialty products to worldwide companies. This includes life science research, along with bovine serum albumin and glycan analysis. They also feature a wide array of diagnostic raw materials, along with phycobiliporteins and much more. As an industry leader, Europa Bioproducts is proud to feature distributors across Europe and Asia. This includes Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Norway and Sweden.
List of Suppliers
Europa Bioproducts also has a selection of seasoned and reputable suppliers. This includes ProZyme, along with Equitech Bio, Equitech Enterprise and Dojindo.
Streptavidin apc Services
Streptavidin fluorochrome conjugates are heavily utilized in indirect staining protocols. In fact, they are designed to detect biotinylated primary antibodies in flow cytometery. Streptavic apc also binds to biotion with high affinity and is utilized across a plethora of applications. Europa Bioproducts is proud to feature streptavidin apc for diagnostic research endeavors for bio-technical and other applications.
With best practice specs, timely results are guaranteed across the board. Here are some of the precise and concise specs utilized:
Red Laser
660 nm
633 – 647 nm
Reported Application
Flow Cytometric Analysis
Europa Bioproducts was formed in 1992 and has since grown to become  one of the world’s top distributor of research reagents. In fact, their inventory features over 400 products that are utilized in research studies across the globe. They are also your premier European distriburo of ProZyme – a leading company that supplies analytical tools for glycan analysis.
They also have a large variety of high-end Albumins manufactured by Equitech Bio. Whether for glycan analysis or biopharmaceutical research, one phone call or visit to our site connects you with all the products and services you need.
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