Home care rostering software

Our brand is a British-based company known for its industrial and commercial equipment. The industrial and commercial business was bought in 2002 by Regal-Beloit Corporation, and the home care division was spun off with a new name. In 2005, Univar Inc., a chemical distribution company based out of the US, purchased us. Univar was later purchased by a private equity firm, TPG Capital, in 2012 and merged with Nexeo Solutions to form Axiall Corporation.

It is based out of Lancing, England, and currently has 184 branches across the UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Poland. It sells products for home care, industrial cleaning, food processing, commercial kitchens, and water-related industries.

Home care rostering software offered:

  1. Roster management and planning- home care rostering software allows for full business processes, including billing and work orders.
  2. Rosters- rosters that support multiple shifts with various start/end times at each day, week, or month.
  3. Time clock management- A time clock management option enables caregivers to clock in/ out via the time clock machine or directly from their device.
  4. Job costing- A job costing feature also enables an organization to track individual work orders per service provider, date and location or per client, date and service type or per caregiver, plan series, and dates. It also includes several reports that detail service hours, work orders, and invoices by location, date, or caregiver.
  5. Timesheets- This feature enables employees to submit their time through an electronic timesheet system or directly from their device. The submitted times are passed on to managers for review before being distributed to accounts payable, payroll systems, or stored in the cloud for later use.
  6. Attendance management- this home care rostering software allows for attendance management by including a GPS-enabled clock-in system. This feature tracks each caregiver’s location and can be used to provide additional verification of the time they have worked.
  7. Health and safety- exceptional care for your employees through their health and safety management. This feature enables managers to monitor each caregiver’s health and well-being in real-time and track their locations.
  8. Reporting- home care rostering software provides a unique reporting suite to assist with business monitoring and forecasting. This reporting includes:
  • Overdue tasks and visits
  • Business performance reporting by caregiver, service type, or location
  • Customer health and safety reports such as overdue task management
  1. Equipment leasing- this offers equipment leasing through their Care Lease program. This program caters to commercial homecare businesses using commercial versions of Oasis® commercial cleaning equipment, SharkXtreme® commercial extraction fans, and Usil® commercial dishwashing equipment.
  2. Workforce management- this home care rostering software allows for workforce management by offering a comprehensive solution to the labor market through their Workforce Management software. This feature enables managers to monitor an organization’s labor supply and demand, manage their agency workforce through powerful reporting features, and reward staff for excellent performance.

This care’s home care rostering software is used by many organizations in the UK and Europe, such as Orchard Healthcare in Spain and Portugal; PACT (Practical Action Consulting Trust) in Ghana, Africa; Ashoka (charity) in Nepal; and St. Francis Healthcare (PHO) in New Zealand.