Luxury barn conversion self catering in Norfolk

If you want a vacation place with self catering then the luxury barn conversion farm in Norfolk will be the best place for you and your family to go to. The barns still have their original look and have been converted into stylish and luxurious cottages. This will give you a peaceful and relaxing feeling when you wake up in the morning with all the animal and nature sounds around you. All cabins have an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area with everything that you need from a dishwasher to an automatic washing machine. You will have a microwave and there is also a TV to watch your programs that you don’t want to miss. The farm consists of 1100 acres and has 200 cows and 12 000 free range laying hens. It is also situated near beaches and other attractions that you can visit during the day when you want to take a look around the area. There are gardens and patios with furniture to that be used as well as BBQ facilities when you would like to spend time outside in the night. Small animals are allowed with pre arrangements and a small fee. The cottages range from seven people to sleep in to two people.

You will also have a fitness barn and a soft play barn to use and you can enjoy the fenceless pond, just be sure to keep an eye on the young ones. All cottages have bedding and towels and some of the more luxurious cottages have a TV in the bathroom so that you can relax in the tub while watching your favorite program or movie. There are fishing spots for the people that would like to enjoy a day out fishing and the nature scenes are unbelievable. The older people that love to do bird watching will enjoy this farm to the extreme. Luxury self catering Norfolk can be the perfect place to bring your family for a holiday that they will always remember. And just to show you their appreciation for visiting their farm with will give you a photo shoot for free to capture those memories with your family that you will always remember. The nature in Norfolk is something that you will enjoy. The cottages have docking stations for IPods and there is a non smoking policy for all cottages. Some of the things that you can do while you are there is to visit some markets, go for a river ride, catch a big one while fishing or take up walking with some of the most beautiful walking trials.