Vinyl Tablecloth

Traditional tablecloths were made of fabric, usually cotton which is hard to keep clean. Today, however, you can get vinyl tablecloths that are a much better option for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen cleaning up. Vinyl tablecloths are sometimes called PVC or oilcloth and they come as a perfect alternative to traditional options because they have several benefits.

The first is that they are durable. Tablecloths that are made of cotton and other fabrics wear out fast because they have to be washed often. In fact, when they get stained they need extra scrubbing which wears away at the fabric even faster. This is not the case with vinyl – all you need to do is wipe it down after use which makes it longer lasting. In fact, when shopping look for the kind that has soft polyester backing – it lasts even longer.

Vinyl is also very easy to clean – a wet, soapy cloth is all you need. Wipe it once, rinse cloth and give the tablecloth another wipe and you are good to go.

Many people, when they hear of vinyl tablecloths imagine some horrible looking table cover that doesn’t make the kitchen or dining table look very inviting. Quite the contrary; these tablecloths come in many different attractive designs that don’t look anything like plastic.

You can get designs and colours to match the decor of your kitchen or dining room be it traditional or modern. You can also get vinyl placemats to match, and you will have a very attractive place to eat your meals. These tablecloths are also perfect for your patio picnic table because they are weather-resistant. If the sun becomes too string you can take them off and only lay them when you need to use them.