Music Public Relations

Your image has taken a dip because of recent misunderstandings and since you want to keep on selling your music you have decided to hire a music PR company to help put things back on track. Who should you be looking for? There are many music PR companies out there and they all claim that they are very good at what they do. Some are one-man shows while others are proper companies with several employees. Who should you hire? How do you they have the capability to restore your reputation?
•    Find out if they have done reputation management in the past, and whether they have dealt with a case similar to yours. Reputation management is tricky business – you have to convince the public that one isn’t guilty of whatever they are accused of, or they were justified in whatever action they took. The right PR company is one that is able to portray you in a light that begs the public’s forgiveness.
•    The right PR company should be highly experienced with online reputation management. Today, all news moves through the net – people use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to share information. If there is negative publicity about you on any social media or news website the music PR company should be able to scrub it and replace it with positive pieces.
•    You should be looking for a music PR company that can also help you organize a few gigs – the sooner you are back out there, the better for album sales. You should also get plenty of coverage on radio stations and other media.
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