Send Flowers Cambridgeshire

Many people take sending flowers for granted – they have done it lots of times, so they know how to get exactly what they are looking for. But what if you are new to flower delivery? It is important to be careful when it comes to sending flowers – they all look quite nice in the flower shop, so you may end up picking an arrangement that you think is great only for it to fall apart by the time it gets to its intended recipient. Worry not though – here are some tips to make sure that your flower delivery impresses:
•    Make sure that you choose the right flowers for the occasion. Different flowers mean different things and if you are not careful you may end up sending a bouquet that gets you misunderstood. If you are not sure what kind of flowers you should be sending find a local florist that can guide you. Once you have gathered  bit of information check online for confirmation.
•    The best flowers have firm petals and leaves. Have you ever touched a flower only for the petals and leaves to come off? This is a sign that they are already dying and will be gone by the time they arrive at the intended destination. Touch the petals and leaves to make sure that they are firm and don’t give.
•    The petals and leaves should also be bright and shiny – they should have a new look and feel to them. If they look faded they will not keep until they are delivered.
•    It is best to choose flower that are just starting to bloom. This way they can fully come to life after they have been delivered.
If you are in Ely we recommend that you choose Ely Flowers as your florist. They have a wide variety of fresh, beautiful flowers for delivery. Find out more on