Geographic heat map excel add in

The geographic heat map excel add in is an Excel 2010 tool that uses the Spectrum Color Scale, which was created by Dr. Mark Donohue of Harvard University, to help you create a geographic heat map with ease. It works best when used with values that are between 0-100.It can be used to highlight results for a specific location, or to compare the intensity of values across two different locations.

When you select a country from your data’s list, the add-in will fill the map with color gradients from that list. You can then change the minimum and maximum values for each gradient scale which will enable you to increase or decrease the intensity of the colors being displayed.

The final step will allow you to change the starting point for each gradient scale. The default value is 0, but changing this option will give you better results if your data has any spikes in its values. This tool can help you compare two locations, highlight a specific location, or create a general heat map.

The geographic heat map excel add in adds color to your data, which can help you visualize it more effectively than just looking at bar charts or other methods. It is especially effective when used with complex data sets that contain several different values. This tool helps the user see trends in their data by giving them a visual representation of the data.

When you want to know if your company is performing well, or if there’s a certain location that stands out in comparison to the others, you can use this tool to visually see patterns and find trends within your data. When used with non-numeric values, it helps you highlight those specific points on a map more clearly.

Below is an example of a geographic heat map created with the geographic heat map excel add in .

First, choose your country from the drop down menu. Then select which values you would like to highlight on the map. Finally, change the minimum and maximum values for each gradient scale until you reach the desired intensity for each color.

In the example below, the minimum and maximum values for each gradient scale were increased until specific countries became more prominent on the map. This shows that Bangladesh has a higher population than both Indonesia and Nigeria (the second and third countries in order), but that Nigeria’s economy is growing at a faster rate than either of these other two countries.

This tool can be used to identify patterns in your data that are not easily seen when viewing data in a table. If you have multiple values, you can use this tool to create a heat map with color gradients to see the intensity of each value over time or at different locations. This tool is useful for any type of data relating to population and economic growth, but can also be used for other types of data.

In conclusion , the geographic heat map excel add in is an excellent tool for visualization, especially when you have multiple values to compare. It uses color gradients and allows users to set minimum and maximum values to highlight their data more effectively.