The following information is a description of how to use and format

Flowcharts, graphics, and general layouts should be colourful and inviting. They should include pictures of people as well as all the different types of equipment they might need. This will help those who are using it not only because it appeals to their senses, but it gives them an easy reference for what they will need. This is especially important if they are not familiar with the terminology or equipment. Care plans software should be simple and easy to use, because if it is difficult then people will get frustrated and never return to using it.

People who put together care plan software should contact people who have been in this situation to find out how they feel about things and what they would do differently, so that the software does not include items that are unnecessary. In addition, it is important to have a layout that makes sense. People have short attention spans when going through care plans and if something does not seem logical then they will likely become frustrated and stop using the software.

Care plans should be kept in the office area, but they should be easily accessible to people who need them, so that when it is time for transition there is no delay involved in retrieving the care plan. Having useful information readily available will make everyone’s job easier and reduce frustration in conditions or situations where it is already high.

Care plans software should include all possibilities, not just the most basic of information. This enables people to gather advance information about their situation without having to go out and gather it on their own for later use. Not only will this save them time, but it will also reduce stress because they know that they can easily access extra information when needed.

Care plan software should have different levels of detail. This way it can be used by people who are new to the process, as well as those who are experts and need detailed information or more photos/diagrams for reference. Including this level of detail will ensure that all parties involved in the care planning process will find useful information within the care plans.

This is the most basic of the information to include in care plan software: bed, wheelchairs, commode, shower chair, bath chair and equipment for dressing/undressing. All of these items should be labeled with clear photos or graphics so that people can easily recognize what each item is used for. It is also useful to include graphics of people using the equipment in different situations, such as lying down or sitting up.

As for medication schedules, it is important to include when and what medications are taken along with when they should be taken (for example: morning after breakfast). It is also important in this section to list any side effects in a clear and concise manner, so that the person who is using the care plan software can make themselves aware of what to expect if they take this medication.

The next step in care plan software is to include communications, which means all forms of communication between each person involved with the care plans. This includes phone calls, emails, text messages, and letters. It might also be helpful to include other forms of communication that may be required, such as video phone calls or written notes.