What anfi timeshare compensation entails

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Anfi timeshare compensation. Anfi timeshare compensation is when you get free presents from the management of anfi resorts when they know that you are going to cancel your timeshare or if not cancelling they will give something else. In the past it used to be money for us, but now there are no longer any money to be made which is sad. So if you are planning on cancelling your timeshare then please go to anfi resorts first and get it cancelled, because there might not be any free holidays for us anymore in the future. This could be due to the recession or that they have lost their funding from italy.

If you are going to cancel your anfi timeshare then please go and see them in italy first before cancelling. This is so they can give you some free extras such as free holidays, meals, drinks and so on. Then when you get back from your holiday let us know what goodies they gave you. You might also want to check out the facebook group for anfi timeshare compensation as we can tell if it is a scam or not, so if you are thinking about cancelling your timeshare then maybe this group of people can help you.


If you cancel your timeshare then they will give you items such as meals, drinks and free holidays. This is a great advantage to us here because we can get our own food and drinks but we would never buy a holiday that is why it is an advantage for us. If we were told that we could not have any money from having our timeshare then this article might not exist because it would be useless.

The disadvantages are that is sometimes do not always get what you want and we have to queue for our food and drinks as the staff only serve those with timeshares, but thank god they tell us what time we can come. If this was to happen all the time then our article could not be brought to life.

We would also like for anfi timeshare compensation to give us cash back or free holidays, but this has never happened so far. But the good thing is that they do give you something, although sometimes it can be disappointing because you have to go all the way to italy just to get your something.

Another disadvantage is that if you are not an owner of any timeshare then you cannot get anything back that is given to us, although they sometimes do give out prizes at the hotel that can be entered into by anyone. The most common prize has been free trips on their ferries and buses etc., but this is very rare now due to the fact that they only have anfi timeshare owners left.

If you are not an owner then please check out our article about it to see if you can help us in our battle with anfi resorts , because there is not much chance of getting anything back if you tell them that you are not an owner.