Shop Shoes

When is the last time that you bought a practical pair of shoes? With high heels being so fashionable, many women would rather wear them and hurt their feet than wear something shorter that is comfortable to walk in. What they don’t realize is that they are hurting their feet. Research has shown that most professional models have bad feet because of wearing high heels. They also develop lower back pain as well as misshapen, painful feet in their later years. If you want to be free of these problems it is time you dumped your high heels and bought yourself several practical pairs.

Flat shoes aren’t very good for you either. Although they will not change the shape of your feet they lead to painful heels and lower back pain. The best shoes have heels that are between one and two inches high. They are also wide at the front – there is no point of getting shoes that squeeze your toes.

It is best to go shoe shopping in the afternoon because by this time your feet have expanded a little, meaning you will get the right size. If you will be wearing socks with your shoes take a pair with you to the store and try shoes with them on. Each time you buy a new pair of shoes you should have a salesperson measure your feet – don’t assume that because you are an adult you foot size stays the same throughout.

Lastly, buy from a vendor who has a good return policy. One of the best in the UK is Modish. They have a store in Cambridge, Saffron Walden as well as online. They have a wide variety of top quality shoes that comes in very tasteful designs.